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The Itasca is a Minnesota honey sweetened almond milk, and it is beautifully fragranced, due to the Earl Grey Tea used (this is the only ingredient that isn’t fully raw - it is brewed slow and low to preserve antioxidant content.)  This means that this beverage is caffeinated, for those days when you need a boost. Earl Grey Tea is scented with Bergamot Essential Oil, which is the blossom from an orange-lemon hybrid.  It is antibacterial and lowers cholesterol, and the sweet, fresh fragrance will lift anyone’s mood.  We add a drop of Lavender Essential Oil, which is calming and can reduce headaches and muscle aches.  Local honey helps reduce or eliminate allergies, while being enzyme rich and energizing.  Honey is our only non-vegan ingredient, and we are careful to source our local honey from companies we trust who respect the gifts that the bees give to us.