How it works

Minnesota Juice Company will appear at Pop-up sales, events, farmer's markets and craft fairs and will post these on our social media and calendar as they approach.

Minnesota Juice Company makes all juice to order to minimize waste. We currently make juice every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, but let us know what you have in mind - we're flexible.   You may arrange to pick up your juice from our commercial kitchen space, one of our pick-up sites, or have it delivered to your home or office. Delivery fees apply and are based on mileage; please inquire.  The order form is below, and we'll send you an e-invoice for secure payment.

In addition to the juices here on the website, we make seasonal, limited availability recipes, too!  Add yourself to our e-mail list (down below) to see what we're pressing each week, when, and how to get it.

For delivery, a minimum order of 6 is required, or 3 for first time buyers.  We recommend splitting delivery with a friend or co-worker if you will not be drinking them within 3 days.  The juices are raw, and have a maximum shelf life of one week, but for the greatest potency and flavor we recommend drinking them within 4 days.  

We have 1-month, 3-month, and 6-month memberships where you can enjoy your juice on a weekly basis while saving up to 25% and receiving complimentary samples of new products!  This is such a wonderful investment into your long-term health.  Contact us for more details.